Surely Naturals is your one-stop solution for gummy manufacturing.

Your Turnkey Solution for Supplement Production

Surely Naturals is your fully integrated contract manufacturing solution for dietary supplements in a gummy format. Our goal is to support the branded customer through all steps in the manufacturing process, from the initial concept to the end product, achieving a result you are 100% satisfied with.

Product Development

Ingredient Sourcing

Surely Naturals is happy to source ingredients for your products. We can help you create multivitamins, botanical blends, and many other functional ingredient formulations to meet specific needs.


Whether you need new formulas created from scratch or you are looking for ways to improve your current formulas, we can help. When you work with our team, we will work hard to ensure that your unique needs for custom formulas are met.

Packaging and Distribution

Proof of Concept Samples

We can work with you to create proof of concept samples for your pilot project. We understand how important it is to present an excellent sample of your new product, and we can help you get there.


We can develop a supplement facts panel for your product that complies with FDA guidelines. Product quality and compliance is a high priority for Surely Naturals.

Finished Good Packaging and Delivery

We have a wide range of options for bottling or other packaging for your gummy supplement. Once this choice is made and your product is finished, we will deliver your product wherever it needs to go.

Continued Support

You can turn to our team for all your contract manufacturing needs, be they small or large. Our goal is for you to be so satisfied with our assistance in bringing your product to life that you return to work with us again and again as your brand grows. Get in touch with us today to begin a partnership with an industry leader committed to fostering your vision of growth.

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